Dutch say MH17 missile came from Russia: Should Russia be held liable for flight deaths?

  • The finding is true, Russia should be blamed

    The finding have been proved that it came from Russia, because for the past last week Russia have being firing Missile into Syria coast, so it obviously it came from Russia. And long before it happen the crises between Ukraine and Russia is still trending, sot Russia rebels may as such launch the missile from their base.
    The missile had been taken from Russia to rebel-held Ukraine in the morning of 17 July, when the plane was shot down, and the launcher was taken back to Russia the next day, he said.

    The Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has also narrowed the missile launch site down to a specific field near the village of Pervomaiskyi, which was then in rebel hands

  • Yes,Russia should be held liable for flight deaths

    Yes,Russia should be held liable for flight deaths, because that it is their responsibility. Missile came from their territory. It doesn't matter who actually launched the missile, government or terrorists. In first case, no matter if the deaths are caused by mistake, human or technical neglect it is still a murder by accident.

  • Yes, Russia should be held liable for the flight deaths.

    Yes, Russia should be held liable for the flight deaths because it is clear that the country shot down the plane. This was purely a political move and they now have blood on their hands. Whoever ordered the plane to be shot down should be tried in front of a world court.

  • Yes it should

    If it's clear the the MH17 came from Russia, then Russia should be held liable for the flight deaths. That's an unforseen circumstance and the missile should have been under Russian control. If it was a malfunction, an accident or a deliberate action, as long as it's clear the missile belonged to Russia, that country is responsible for any damage.

  • Uncertain and unreliable data

    That fact that Ukraine is participating in the investigation and Russia is not, indicates that the data is heavily biased and should not be entirely trusted. Furthermore, Russian data says that the plane might as well have been shot down from the Ukrainian side. I'm just saying that you should not blindly trust information that is quite clearly biased.

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