Duterte calls Americans "idiots:" Should the United States place trade embargoes on the Philippines?

  • Just a Limited Embargo, But NOT because he called us idiots

    Placing an embargo on a country because its leader called us idiots would be childish. But there are plenty of other concerns. Duterte openly sanctions vigilantism and witch hunts against suspected drug dealers and users. History shows what happens in cases like this. There are bound to be many who are falsely accused as the result of a grudge or financial interest of a vigilante.

    We should only have a limited embargo. We should stop all arms going to the Philippines. Send a message of disapproval for how those arms may be used. Anything else especially food should be allowed and not embargoed.

  • Yes they should do that

    The controversial president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, announced what he called his 'separation' from the U.S. Thursday in his latest speech aimed at rankling Washington.President Duterte is currently in China on a four day trip, in an effort not only to improve relations with the Philippines’ powerful neighbor, but also to further distance itself from the United States.

  • Yes, the United States should impose some sanctions on the Philippines.

    The Philippines president has shown hostility toward the United States. In fact, the new president has become down-right threatening to America. The United States should consider sanctions and some trade embargoes on the Philippines if its government continues to take an aggressive posture toward America. The United States should not take threats lightly.

  • No, the United States should not place trade embargoes on the Philippines because its leader called Americans "idiots."

    No, the United States should not place trade embargoes on the Philippines because its leader called Americans "idiots." Based on the results of this year's presidential election, the Filipino president's assessment of Americans is entirely fair. We cannot begin placing embargoes on countries simply because their leaders speak the painful truth.

  • The people are suffering.

    In the end, when there is a trade embargo, it is not the politician that is hurting. Ultimately, the only ones who hurt in the end are the little people. These citizens depend on trade in order to scrape by enough to feed teir families. An embargo will not change Duterte's behavior.

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