• (Yes for DVD, no for bluray). DVD quality is much more real -- it's the epitome of digital perfection

    What I got as the subject picture of my question is a screenshot from the 1972 Coppola classic, "The Godfather." I definitely believe DVD is picture quality perfect. Bluray makes movies look fake in a plastic kinda way. The picture quality looks plastic and slightly blurred in some cases. DVD is better. The sound is also kinda fake.

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GeeWillikers says2014-04-29T23:04:44.483
I have older tvs, and i cannot watch any bluray on three out of four tvs. I have seen bluray, and it has nice quality, but if something has too much quality, it looks really fake. I actually prefer VHS over anything because i have more VHS tapes than dvds, blurays, or anything!