Dwayne Johnson is on the Sexiest Man Alive list: Should we do away with this list?

  • I don't think the sexiest man alive list is value added.

    I'm not sure how to categorize the sexiest man alive list or weigh its value. While it can be entertaining for people what does it represent about us? How are we measuring sexiness or beauty as a society? Is there a sexiest woman alive list and how are the standards set? I think lists such as this set a false standard and deceives our youth.

  • It is just for fun.

    The Sexiest Man Alive list is just for fun. The same thing exists for women. Of course, not everyone on the planet will agree with what makes a man sexy. But that is part of the fun and part of the debate. It is just to sell magazines. People shouldn't be too sensitive.

  • No, it is a fun list

    Sexist man alive is fun list that many people enjoy. Women have been objectified for years, and it is nice that we can do the same thing for wome and gay men in a very harmless way. It is a nice boost to someone's career and does not hurt anyone to print this list.

  • No, the public loves lists and they love celebrities

    These top 10 lists help sell magazines, and bolster a celebrity's popularity. The American public loves to cheer on their favorite celebrity. Dare to ask your friend, coworker or even your grandma: "Who do you think is the hottest celebrity?" We all have our own "top 10." Let's keep these annual lists to keep the conversation going and to give the American public something other than politics to mull over.

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