Dylann Roof was sentenced to death by the jury. Do his crimes rise to level of the ultimate punishment?

  • Dylann Roof's crimes do rice to the level of the ultimate punishment.

    Dylann Roof's crimes do rice to the level of the ultimate punishment. Some would argue that the death penalty is not the appropriate punishment either because they don't believe in it for anybody or that they would say it was more fit to let him stay and suffer in jail. However, his tragic act of violence which was topped by his utter disregard after makes it clear that he deserves the ultimate punishment.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Had he killed gangsters and thugs I'd even be rooting for him but he proved that he is only a blood-thirsty coward by killing peaceful, unarmed churchgoers. As a human being I also realize that legal murder solves nothing, especially when that person will just rot on Death Row for a decade or more. If the Death Penalty is to be taken seriously, then Roof should be executed immediately. His guilt is BEYOND a shadow of a doubt. But the fact that he will continue to live for years to come. It means nothing.

  • Without a doubt

    Dylan Roof committed a heinous hate crime, savagely murdering so many innocent people due to his depraved ideals. There is no reason a person like him should be allowed to live, especially given the number of years we would have to support him in prison. With any luck, he won't appeal and the death will happen quickly.

  • Death is never the answer

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  • Dylan Roof should not be executed

    What Dylan Roof did was despicable. Nevertheless, at 21, when the crime was committed, he is too young to not be redeemable. If this single act been the culmination of years of crime then maybe. However, it seems that execution should be reserved for those that are truly nonredeemable and it is not clear to me that he is.

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