• ECB hacking is basic step of steeling personal information.

    Hackers hack emails because they find other people's personal information and they will use that information to get there hands on bank accounts and credit cards.Steeling mailing information is just a first step.After hacker gathers all the data he or she tries to get his hands on money,so if your mail got hacked you'd better watch out! Take a good care of your business information because it might be in danger.

  • Yes, money theft of money is possible next.

    The stolen ECB email scandal is one of many examples in recent times of digital information being taken without the users consent. Money is now nothing more than digital information on a computer and if a hacker can access emails then surely he can access the money held on the same system.

  • ECB Hacking Could Lead to Financial Thefts

    Only information was stolen in the recent ECB hacking. However, so much personal and banking information was taken that financial losses are sure to follow. The thieves will use this information to pry into bank accounts and steal money from unsuspecting victims, which has happened after similar hacks in the past.

  • Money theft is possible

    Everyone always seems surprised when something like this happens when the reality is that its probably more likely to happen than not. Wherever there is an opportunity for theft there will always be someone willing and able to take advantage. The theft of money is almost certainly next on the list.

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