Each Iteration of Star Trek is a response and a mirror of the generation for which it was created

  • Jessie-May Ventour typed on the Facebook group Star Trek: Discovery (CBS) the following comment:

    "The reality is: each iteration of STAR TREK is a response and a mirror of the generation for which it was created.

    Every series and spinoff speaks to universal themes espoused in the original (TOS), While interpreting and filtering those themes for its particular generational audience.

    There is no betrayal. None is more real / true / genuine than the other. They each are true / real / genuine for their time!

    Some issues will always impact humanity. How each generation understands and responds to those issues may differ, Especially if the successive ones learn from those who came before. . .

    And they have no excuse for failing to learn from history. They have more data at their disposal (and perhaps resources, Technological and otherwise), To be able to make significantly different choices.

    Condemning newer STAR TREK shows for not being "true to the original" is to ignore these realities. There is a strong element of plus ça change, Plus c'est la même chose in every generation of STAR TREK precisely because humanity and its foibles and imperfections lie at the heart of it.

    But watching how these are overcome, Generation after generation, Is what makes STAR TREK so enduring. "

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