Eagles and Colts affected by penalties: Should there be fewer penalties called in the NFL?

  • Yes they should reduce the rate of penalties

    They should reduce the rate of penalties in the National Football League because it slows down the game. They need to let players actually play the game, not the penalties. This should go through because it's the bottom line because I said so alright im right always got it boi.

  • Fewer panalties in football games

    I believe there should be fewer penalties because some of the penalties are ridiculous, and just distracts fans from the game. The excessive celebration penalty is a pretty unfair penalty in my opinion. Why are players being punished for showing team spirit? Every football game I watch is overcrowded with frivilous penalties.

  • The Game Has Changed, and Not For The Better

    It has always been held that there are penalties on every single play in any given NFL game. There is holding by every player at the line of scrimmage, there is bumping beyond the five yard zone, and pretty much every pass play has some kind of interference. Only the most egregious penalties that directly affect the outcome of a play should be flagged.

  • Not at all!!!!

    There are as many as there should be in the NFL and College. Take Vontaze Burfict for example. When he hit Antonio Brown in the head. They called it a helmet to helmet. Good call. That wasn't a clean hit. If they wouldn't have, then Steelers nation would be amazed.

  • No, there are a sufficient number of penalties called in the NFL.

    Penalties that are called in the NFL are necessary to keep players in check and keep the game of football from turning into a fist fight. Penalties that are called are because there are violations of the rules and therefore are necessary to punish those who break the rules of the game.

  • No, the NFL should keep the rate of penalty-calling constant, or increase it.

    No, referees in the NFL need to call more penalties. As it stands now, the NFL barely calls all the penalties it should. One needs only to look at the seemingly endless list of ex-football players burdened for life with heard injuries; many which include brain damage. As the governing body of professional football in the United States, the NFL is morally-bound to ensure a environment where all participants can be assured that others will be motivated to follow the rules of play.

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Dr_Obvious says2014-09-17T01:32:33.117
No blood, no foul; IMHO.