• Talley of votes : Talley of votes: 11 votes cast

    Box of matches -6
    Crate of Beer -0
    12 bottles of water -5
    5 warm sweater-1
    First Aid Kit -5
    Batteries -1
    Transistor Radio -1
    An axe -1
    A gun with 20 bullets -1
    Bag with 25 magazines -0 inflatable boat for 4 people-4
    Insect Repellent -0
    Sewing Kit-0
    Bag with 5 big blankets-7
    Most of us agree that we need blankets, And matches. Now we just need to break the tie between water and a first aid kit. Remember this island is in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • The Supplies I would choose are:

    1. Transistor Radio
    2. An Axe
    3. 5 Blankets

    1. Transistor Radio-Assuming that one of use can use the radio properly and get it to work, If we can make communications with a plane, A boat, Or anyone that may be listening with the radio, We may be able to get off the island we're stranded on which would make this the most valuable tool in my opinion. It'll be a lot easier to survive on the island if we aren't there for very long.

    2. An axe-This would be a good general purpose tool for most of the things we may need while on the island. Chopping, Hammering, Digging, There isn't another tool on the list that can replace this item.

    3. 5 blankets-Since we are off the coast of Alaska I'm assuming it will be cold and we will definitely want to avoid getting hypothermia. Like Michael said this item could also be used for other things like moving wood and other items around. I've also heard of Green Berets using clothing/cloth material to filter water so maybe we could use one of these blankets for something like that to avoid getting our own clothing wet in the cold Alaskan environment. We may also be able to cut holes in the middle of the blankets and use them as a poncho to take on the role of the 5 warm sweaters as well.

    A first aid kit would be nice but I doubt it would have much in it that would help us with anything aside from treating minor injuries. If one of us does suffer a major life threatening injury, We will probably need more than what a small first aid kit can provide considering there won't be a hospital available to us even if we did treat immediate life threats quickly. - Garrett Davis

  • Boat, Blankets, And water.

    The boat is inflatable, We can us the plastic to create a shelter that would help protect us from the elements, Or use the boat to try and get to another island and try to find people. The blankets have a multitude of uses. They can keep us warm, Provide shelter, Used as makeshift splints and bandages. The water is a given to keep us hydrated.

  • The supplies I would choose are: 1. First Aid Kit 2. Water 3. Bag of 5 big blankets

    I would choose these three items because they would greatly assist the team until they are rescued. First, The first aid kit would come in handy with treating minor injuries until help arrives. Second, I would choose water because water is required to survive. Our bodies can go longer without food than water so water is a must to staying alive. Lastly, I would choose the bag of 5 big blankets. The bag of blankets can have many uses. For one they can be used for medial care or keeping warm, Or even to make covering if needed. These items were chosen to keep the time alive until help arrives.

  • The supplies I would choose are:

    1. Test
    2. Test
    3. Test

    I would select these items because: Use this space to select your three items and defend your opinion as to why you selected the items. Use critical thinking and supporting evidence for your claims. The ultimate goal is to persuade everyone else in the course to agree and select the same 3 items you choose. Please note that you must write 50 words in this box - this is a debate. Org requirement.

  • First Aid Kit, Box of Matches, And Blankets

    I chose the first aid kit because in a bad enviroment injuries are gonna happen and some of the items in the first aid kit will help start fires. I chose a box of matches to make starting fires that much easier and to help start a signal fire easier. I chose the blankets because they can help keep the individuals warms or be used as a way to signal or as a shelter.

  • Box of matches, Big blankets, And first aid kit.

    There are several items here that would come in handy, But these seem most essential. First, The box of matches for heat, And possible flares for rescue crews in the air (if we get that lucky. ) Second, The big blankets also for heat, But longer lasting and much more convenient. And the first aid kit for minor injuries we may get along the way.
    -Kaleb Baxter

  • Box of matches, Blankets, And a first aid kit.

    There are several items here that would come in handy, But these three would be most essential. The box of matches are important for heat (making a fire), And also a possible flare for rescue crews in the air. The blankets also for heat, But more conventional and longer lasting. Last but not least, The first aid kit for minor wounds.

  • The supplies I would choose are: A gun with 20 bullets, A First Aid Kit, And an axe.

    I would choose these items because I feel like they would be most helpful when trying to survive an uninhabited island off the coast of Alaska. I would choose a gun because it can be used as defense from bear, Wolf, Moose or any other wildlife threat on the island. A gun would also be useful for hunting and providing food. A First Aid Kit would be useful to help treat smaller injuries, But would hopefully be enough to sustain the survivors until help arrives. Treating small injuries helps eliminate the risk for infection or sickness caused by untreated injuries. An axe would be useful for many island survival tasks. On concern would be shelter, An axe would allow survivors to be able to cut would for building a shelter and getting out of the elements as well as providing means for getting fire wood.

  • The supplies I would choose are: 1. Box of matches, 2. 5 big blankets, 3. First aid kit

    I would select these items because a box of matches would be useful and convenient in Alaskan weather to make fires. The 5 big blankets would be useful when sleeping or wrapping yourself in them during the day. The first aid kid would be used to treat anyone who is wounded. Some of the things in the kit could also be used for other things. For example alcohol or cotton balls could be used as fire starters in an emergency.

    - Daniel Escobar

  • Matches, Boat, Walkie talkie

    Don't get me wrong, I think there are many other things that you should bring if you were In this situation. But these three stick out to me. The matches would help with a lot of stuff, As in keeping yourself warm, Eating, Light and etc. The boat would be so we could float to some kind of shore that is nearby so it would be little easier. And last a walkie talkie so we can find some kind of signal and hopefully someone can pick it up and help us out.

    D. R.

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