Earlier christians claimed that the devil kills steals and destroys and did all of those things. Shouldnt they be the opposite?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Just goes to show how irrational religious people are

    They claimed the devil was here to steal kill and destroy and then they killed stole and destroyed plenty of things. They claim to be doing gods work but it always seems like they are doing the devils work. They oppose every moral progress like gay rights today and sexual rights and have opposed the mitigation of slavery the diminution of war etc. they arent doing a perfect gods will and that is a no brainer. Christians should be rounded up and painlessly put to death as should all other religious people.

  • That's totally silly.

    Though death and destruction sound bad, there is nothing good or bad about them. Even early Christians would not see them as evil as they would have known that death is an inevitable part of life, at least on earth. It is believed that Jesus was a carpenter before he began his ministry. Though this knowledge would not be limited to a carpenter, he would know that in order to create something from wood, you first have to destroy the tree.
    Though it is less popular, some believe that the devil or Satan was and is doing gods work by tempting mankind. That he is basically here to test us to see if we are worthy of God's kingdom.
    Personally, I don't believe in god or the devil but I feel that silly questions like this should be addressed.

  • Christians should not be doing evil

    BUT as humans we are imperfect. God gave us freewill and so we make mistakes and we do bad things.Do you expect everyone to act EXACTLY like God just because they are religious?
    I don't really think you have any idea what you are talking about and your bad grammar confuses me even more. You say that "Earlier Christians claimed that the devil kills steals and destroys" but you fail to see that Christians STILL believe that the devil is bad it wasn't just early Christians.
    Also the devil does have the power to tempt people.
    Gay marriage and some sexual rights go against the Bible's teachings so they are not moral progresses.

  • Not everyone's perfect.

    I agree that not everyone's perfect. People of all walks of life can kill, steal, and destroy, including religious people and atheists. Does that mean that the atheists are next to go, or is the argument you gave only covering groups you dislike in the biggest No True Scotsman argument I've seen on this site so far?
    Also, free will, kids. God made us, now we take it from there. At some point he sent his kid over, and we nailed him to a stick for his trouble, but that's water under the bridge.

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