Earlier christians opposed everything they now call moral progress so you shouldnt listen to a christian when they say being gay is wrong.

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  • Christians are a horrible judge on right and wrong as are ALL religious people

    Thats because they blindly accept a morality as children and rarely question that morality as adults. They have opposed every moral progress including the mitigation of slavery, the diminution of war, better treatment of colored races, gay rights, and animal rights. If christians got what they deserved they would go to hell and non religious people who arent so lazy in their thinking that they look no further for a morality than their local churches or parents would go to heaven. If there is a god he is NOT a religious god and he gave us no religion. I know that because all religions contradict each other and none of them are any more profound than the others. If god created a religion it would be so profound that no other religion would be believed because it would look like children created it and they already do without gods religion. Lol

  • Prejudices from thousands of years ago....

    The prejudices of a relatively few people, sadly, have been passed down through the ages, and their effect is still present.

    To maintain there is some inherent "wrongness" in being gay makes no more sense than to say it about not being gay. Many Christians, as well as people of other religions, are coming to see this, but it's a long road, for them as a whole.

    As far as listening to somebody else, when it's clearly just their opinion at work, why would you give that any more weight? Doesn't matter if it addresses gay people or not.

  • Atheists are worse

    Christians were originally very invested in the secular realm, what with the power the Church possessed over the secular rulers. Moral progress as we know it today would have interfered with their ability to keep things stable. Observe what happened when Martin Luther came up with his own take on things.
    Yes, ignore all the Christians who were on the side of "treat them as fellow and equal", like everyone who volunteered to fight in the Union army, every single pacifist, Abraham Lincoln, gays are fellow and equal people who simply aren't going to reproduce anytime soon, and, honestly, who cares about a bunch of dumb animals that are going to die soon for our gratification?
    Under an atheist, the dominant religion is the suppressing religion whilst presumably making a cult of personality, making it a religion in all but name. Go home, you Dawkins wannabe. Take a shower, and reflect on your life choices so far.

  • That is stereotype against Christians

    "Earlier Christian" implies Roman Catholic Church before the modern era. The Roman Catholic Church clearly misinterpreted the Bible in many ways, thinking that the Earth is flat and that nonbelievers needed to be killed or tortured. These beliefs are not in the Bible; in fact, it states the exact opposites. However, homosexuality, no matter how you interpret the Bible, is wrong, unlike the beliefs of Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, It is unfair and ignorant to say that Christians are wrong about homosexuality because of stupid mistakes made by the Roman Catholic Church centuries ago.

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