Earliest evidence of controlled fire making in Europe found: Is archaeology an important activity in today's society?

  • We need to know about the past.

    It is important to know about ancient civilizations so we can preserve their memory and so we can learn from them. It also helps us figure out the future too. It lets us know how other people in the past dealt with certain things and gives us an indication about how advanced we really are.

  • Yes it is important.

    Yes archaeology is a very important activity in today's society to learn from our past. Not only is it extremely interesting to see how people survived everyday life hundreds and thousands of years ago, it is important for us to learn from the past because you can know where you are going until you know where you have been.

  • Yes, archaeology is still important to society

    We learn from the lessons of the past, by examining our ancestors and how they lived. The civilizations that existed before us tell a story of survival and may help the world today to make better decisions and appreciate the environment. The study of archaeology is a value to all society.

  • Yes, in some ways.

    Archaeology, at first glance, doesn't seem to be important, but I believe that it is. It can help us to understand our past and understand humanity a little better, which can never hurt. Acquiring new knowledge is never a bad thing. The more we understand our past, the more we understand ourselves and can learn from the past.

  • It's a lie.

    Everyone should know it was is was the Greek god Prometheus that gave mankind fire so it had to happen in Greece not Spain. Typical fake science, first they lie about some so called fossil evidence pointing to evilution and now this? Next thing you know, they will say the earth isn't flat.

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