Early voting has kicked off in Illinois. Does this make the process better?

  • Cuts Down Waiting

    Early voting makes the process better because not everyone is able to vote on the actual day and it can also make it easier for people on election day to vote without the worry of overcrowding and long wait times. The only downside is they may not be counted very fairly.

  • Yes, this makes the process better.

    Yes, this makes the process better because it allows everyone a chance to vote. If voting only occurred on election day, so many people would have to stay at work. They cannot leave because they might lose their jobs. Therefore, they would not get a say in the election. We need more people to vote.

  • Yes early voting does make the voting process better.

    Early voting improves the election process by making it easier for people to vote. They can cast their ballots at their convenience and not have to lose time from work or other important events they need to attend. It increases the turnout for local elections and ballot issues that otherwise would have a low turnout.

  • No it does not

    Early voting has kicked off in Illinois. This does not make the process better. IIn fact it makes it considerably worse. People need time to come to a suitable decision, in fact voting for a president may be the most important decision that they make in their life. Rushing through with a vote is foolish.

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