Earth day: Should we celebrate the progress made in preserving resources?

  • We Should Celebrate Reserving Resources

    Of course we should celebrate the progress that we have made reserving resources, even in cases where it's been very small. That's one of the main things that Earth Day is about. Along with celebrating that progress, we should provide educational materials to help show people how to further this progress so that it can continue.

  • Beginning of the Future

    Yes I do believe we should celebrate earth day. If it was not for the day that earth was created we would not be able to talk about celebrating it. We should all be proud of the day when earth was created because it was only the beginning for all us.

  • Yes, we should celebrat the progress

    I think Earth day is important to acknowledge and to celebrate. I think in doing so we are reminded of the work we have done to help the earth but also remind us of the work that still needs to be done. I think it is especially important to teach kids about Earth day, they are the future of this planet and the ones who could actually save it.

  • Little progress has been made

    We llive in a society in which capitalism dominates the world. The overwhelming issue of importance is to maximize profits for the capital accumulators. Global warming, the collapse of the environment, the collapse of society and the final extinction of life are all pending. Nothing is seriously being done to stop any of this because to do so would interfere with profit maximization.

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