Earth Hour: Should we have regular "Earth Hours"?

  • "Earth Hour" Makes a Difference; More is Better

    Each year, "Earth Hour" encourages households around the world to turn off their lights and appliances for 60 minutes. This period brings about a noticeable reduction in light pollution, which can harm the environment in varios ways. Without a doubt, Earth Hour should occur more regularly than once per year. Perhaps once every four to six months would be a better idea, but oversaturation could reduce interest in this cause.

  • Regular Earth Hours a Bad Idea

    Having regular Earth Hours would reduce the specialness of the event. Earth Hour is designed to reduce electricity use and light pollution for one hour each year. It would be a better idea to lengthen the period from an hour to multiple hours. However, hosting multiple Earth Hours per year would make the event seem like a chore above all else.

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