Eating dairy is worse for animals than eating meat

  • Dairy Farming is bad

    When you eat meat, you kill the animal, but when producing dairy, you prolong their suffering in these harsh and torturous conditions.
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  • Eating/drinking dairy is the result of rape and torture.

    In order for humans to put milk in their coffee's of cheese on their bread a Mother cow is forcefully impregnated by hand. Then when the Mother finally gives birth to her child that baby is ripped away from her during the moment she desperately wants to nature him/her. That child is then executed and turned in veal. Then the farmer attaches a machine to the Mother Cow's tit so drain it of all it's milk which was produced for the calf that just got executed. After the Mother Cow is no longer producing milk the farmer will impregnate her again and continue this process.

    This is the Cow's whole life. Then after she can no longer produce milk she is executed and turned in a hamburger.

    This is 10x worse than the life of meat cattle. Cattle bread for meat are not forcefully impregnated then have their offspring stolen from them at birth and drained of their milk. Dairy is worse than meat because the conditions are 10x harsher

  • Dairy farming is ethical

    Dairy farming is not bad. You say cows are "bread" (bred) against their will. However, look at animals in the wild, what is their main goal? Is it not to produce offspring? I can tell you as a cow breeder, milker and caregiver that cows want nothing more than to lay down in their freestalls and eat the feed that is placed out for them. They do not care about much else.

  • Neither one is worse than the other

    We require protein to survive. We have been taking care of animals to use for milk and meat for thousands of years. The problem is not that we are using the animals for meat and dairy, the problem is that the way that we've treated has become more cruel over time.
    All animals on commercial farms have terrible lives cooped up in small areas with each, surrounded by their own feces and being fed things like corn that don't belong in their natural diet. THAT is what is cruel and awful.
    We need to eliminate the concept of commercial farming and go back to a simpler time when cows and chickens and pigs were free range on large areas of land. It's better for the animal and it's better for us because unstressed meat is just naturally better than stressed meat (that's why you want to kill a deer with the first shot, the adrenaline changes the meat).

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