• Absolutely. (Sorry for the Pessimism. I'm just being realistic.)

    Modern transportation means that soon it will be all around us. If not contained, it will be in NYC and LA within months. It will be in every town within ~2 years. Ebola is contagious and has an 85% death toll. We need to keep it contained. So yeah, get a bunker.

  • It is Contagious

    I read about what everyone said. It can't simply infect citizens, but what about people who work at hospitals? It could be whereas someone is unknowingly infected and comes into the U.S. and becomes even more sick. They go to the hospital and someone without gloves could be infected. My mother is a phlebotomist. I seen how they have contact with patients and they could easily be infected. The doctors would go home and infect their families and so on. I believe it's that easy for the disease to spread. If the government doesn't stop acting proud, they will unknowingly have an epidemic all over the United States.

  • Ebola US worried

    Yes of course the US should be worried. Everyone in the world should be worried. It can literally spread all around the world because of our amazing transportation systems of airplanes and ships. It is already in the United States of America so of course it has the possibility to become an epidemic over here.

  • Yes, The US should care deeply about the status of a outbreak of a desease.

    Yes, The US should care deeply about the status of a outbreak of a disease. The US should try to decrease the death toll so that it does not spread further. I think the Us could be in trouble if it is not contained it can travel across the sea.

  • The US should be worried about 1200 Ebola deaths

    The US should be worried about 1200 Ebola deaths because clearly the situation is not under control in West Africa. Ebola is spreading and will continue to spread in Africa and into Europe. People that having been treating the sick risk getting infected and then transmitting Ebola themselves. The US should be very worried and do much as possible to help the World Health Organization stop this outbreak. The US lives in an interconnected world, this makes it very easy for viruses and infections to travel the globe quickly.

  • Yeswe should be!

    We seem to think that we have immunities to everything in other countries, but it just hasn't reached us yet. If we don't take some preventative measures now the results would be absolutely devastating since we aren't prepared for that kind of virus. Let's just hope it doesn't get loose here in America, as a couple of people that are infected have already been brought here.

  • Not yet, anyways.

    Ebola is very deadly, but it is actually difficult to transmit. Direct contact with infected blood is necessary to transmit Ebola from person to person. The reason why outbreaks in Africa are so devastating is because many funeral rituals require the family to wash the body, which allows infected blood to come into contact with healthy people. Not to mention that many African countries also have primitive medical/quarantine facilities for Ebola victims. The only victims of Ebola in the US have been aid workers that were assisting with the outbreak. To my knowledge, those individuals haven't infected anyone else. If there were 1200 Ebola deaths in the US, then it'd be time to panic.

  • It's empty panic:

    The black plague killed millions of people. Ebola has killed fewer people than 9/11 did. It's isolated. It's an international issue. It's heavily controlled. It's heavily monitored. There are experts working day and night to stave it. It's not spreading like wildfire. It's not even a surprising death count considering that 1,200 people across three whole countries is low when just Nigeria alone, not even the starting point, has a population of 168 million people.

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