Ebola drug maker's stock falls after big pop: Are pharmaceutical companies reliable investments?

  • Yes. Pharmaceutical companies are reliable investments.

    Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer are three of the biggest killers of American citizens to date. If a company is manufacturing a drug that is treating or possibly savings lives it makes sense that they would remain a reliable investment. However, if this drug is disproven as reliable then the stock should definitely fall.

  • No, Pharmaceutical companies are not reliable investments.

    No, Pharmaceutical companies are not reliable investments due to the uncertainty of the trade. Not all pharmaceuticals will be successful. Those failures cause Pharmaceutical companies to lose the confidence of the public who in turn will be less likely to purchase stock. It would be very risky to invest large amounts of money in pharmaceutcal companies.

  • No, I think they are not

    I think that Pharmaceutical companies are too unpredictable to be a good investment. I feel that you never know how a drug is actually going to perform or how much will be needed or if there are side effects. I think it is too big of a chance and would rather put my money elsewhere.

  • Big Pharma Is Going Downhill

    Buying stock in drug companies is not only unethical; it's becoming more and more of a risky investment as more people open their eyes. Drug companies only make money as long as they can get people to keep relying on their drugs. More and more people are realizing that we are over-drugged and finding that we can treat our health problems with natural remedies and lifestyle changes.

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