• Americans should be worried if not scared if Ebola come to the U.S.

    Ebola is the fastest spreading virus even though it could only be spread thought body fluids it. Even the smallest part of a fluid is took it will spread throughout the body at a fast rate. Also how can we tell if got Ebola the symptoms are common with sicknesses. So even the smallest mistake could be our greatest mistake.

  • Not only America should be worried.

    The fact that ebola virus has managed to travel the distance it has shows thay even though, it can not be transmitted very well on its own, the disease has adapted well enough to be able to travel with its host. In this contemporary world, cities are quite large and densely populated, this points towards ebola having chances to spread effectively world wide. Despite beginning in West Africa with poor hygiene and hot weather, global warming has caused many other countries to experience a similar climate. Although the weather is less extreme in the cases, population density will help ebola to thrive. Docters and scientists who are currently working on cures for ebola are prone to the disease. Despite wearing protective suits, you can't be sure if they help to protect against transmission. A cure for ebola needs to be found quickly as many scientists are now stuck in the West African region and are not allowed to travel because of fear of over sea transmission to be repeated. As you can see, I have adressed many of the issues and come to the conclusion that not only the America, but the whole world should concentrate on the issue so we do not lose more innocent lives.

  • Yes Americans should be worried about Ebola but not panicked.

    The fact that the Ebola crisis has reached the United States should be of concern to all Americans, but is not any reason for Americans to be panicked. Since Ebola required direct contact with a carrier the risk of it being widely spread in the US is very low, given the demographics of America's population.

  • Some Say No

    I've heard a lot of people say that we shouldn't be worried. I for one am, to a degree. The virus supposedly doesn't spread easily but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen and having it in the country makes it that much more possible. We like to think we're better than other countries or that we can contain something better than others. I think that sense of superiority could hurt us when it comes to Ebola.

  • Yes, Americans should be worried if Ebola makes it to the U.S

    Ebola is easily spread through close contact and in densely packed cities like some in the U.S it could spread quickly. Additionally, the country is not prepared for an epidemic and would not have the supplies necessary to handle widespread cases of Ebola. It could of course be contained, but it would cause fear.

  • Its the same thing all over again.

    The government are using Ebola as a money-making technique, the reason the hype around it exist is purely for monetary reasons. As well as this I feel that the disease is just another 'bird flu' or 'swine flu', where because a few people died in more severe cases, everyone is just being over-paranoid about that 1 in a 1,000,000 chance they might be affected by the disease. Lousy marketing plot enforced by the government.

  • The CDC has it under control

    Ebola is a very fragile disease, there is very little chance that anyone will contract it from anything other that DIRECT contact with the host, that is the information that is coming down from the leading scientists in charge of studying this disease. I believe that Americans should be aware of the disease in a similar way that I am aware of malaria. Should there be the widespread panic that there is going on? Absolutely not. The CDC has the disease under control, they have found the only person that has contracted it, they know how he contracted it, they know who and what he has had contact with sense contracting it. The media is boiling up panic among the citizens and it is allowing people to worry abut a disease that has little effect on them nor that they can do anything to fix, when there are much more important questions to be asked and much better more relevant debates to be had in this country over things that the American people can actually do anything about.

  • The contraction of Ebola is too difficult.

    Ebola is only contracted from contact with bodily fluids of an infected person. Since the majority of infected people are currently isolated in West Africa, there shouldn't be exaggerated panic over an outbreak of Ebola in the United States, given that all the American patients are people who have spent at least some time in that area of the world.

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