Ebola Outbreak: Should the government spend more money to fight Ebola?

  • Yes, the government must use its influence to save lives from the Ebola outbreak.

    Yes, the United States government has a responsibility to help the people of the world whenever possible, and the Ebola outbreak in Africa has made that task more urgent than ever. Many lives can be saved if the United States steps in with monetary support, and provides the latest treatments.

  • Ebola govenment money

    Yes our government should spend more money to prevent its spread in our country and to treating and researching it in our own country. We are spending enough money as it is fighting it in other countries when we should be worried about our own and our people catching it.

  • yes they should.

    The most recent figures
    released by the WHO reported more than 2,000 people either known or
    believed to have been infected with Ebola, and more than 1,200 known or
    believed to have been killed in Liberia since the outbreak was first
    detected in March. More than 2,000 are believed to have been infected
    and more than 1,000 killed elsewhere in West Africa since the outbreak
    began, almost all of them in Guinea and Sierra Leone. About 49 percent
    of the infections in these three countries occurred in the last three
    weeks. so they sholud more money to control it.

  • The market will fix it.

    No, the government should not spend more money to fight Ebola, because this is something that the private market can fix. If there is money to be made in developing a vaccine, or in providing emergency care, someone will invest the money privately to do it. We do not need the government to do it inefficiently.

  • It is simply not our duty

    Although this conflicts my moral values, I will stick to it. First are we talking about each of our respective countries or just the US? If we are talking about the latter then I still disagree, the USA has debts to countries it has not been able to pay, let alone help others. We have to feed ourselves before we feed others. They can offer charity and those who pay their share we will be eternally greatful, but the government should not contribute. If we are talking about respective country, from where I come from (Indonesia) we are also unable to provide such services, we are a third world country with corrupt rats everywhere. Before we solve your problems we should solve ours first. If rich countries are willing to donate or contribute it would be much appreciated, unfortunately us poorer and in debt countries have to resolve our own issues first

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