Ebola patient Nina Pham gaining fame: Should the media glamorize Ebola?

  • The media needs a way to connect the disease to the citizens:

    Nina Pham. Is she interesting? No. However she represents AMERICA! Highly religious, devout, cheery despite having Ebola, and a posterchild for "Timmy" the sick child who still lovingly smiles on despite being guaranteed some serious pain and suffering, she's just the connection needed to make this a real "problem" for America.

    A sweetheart with a horrific disease that is supposedly not an American problem? Jackpot!

    It's just good business.

  • No the media should not glamorize Ebola because it has claimed the lives of many people

    Ebola has claimed the lives of many people since its discovery in Africa a few years ago.The media would be making a huge mistake glamorizing a deathly disease of such magnitude especially now that it is spreading from one country to the other and worst of all is the fact that no known cure has been found.

  • No, the media should not glamorize Ebola.

    With such a potentially dangerous virus like Ebola, it is imperative that the media give adequate coverage to events in order to keep consumers informed. The danger, though, is that media coverage can easily turn into sensationalism or even a glamorization of the virus, which obviously is not in anyone's best interest. News organizations must strive to strike this delicate balance.

  • No the media should not "glamorize" the Ebola virus.

    By no means should the media should not "glamorize" the Ebola virus. But on the other hand it is important that the American, in fact the world, be made aware of the issues surrounding the outbreak of Ebola in Africa and why it is important that the world community battle this outbreak.

  • The media should provide only necessary information of Ebola.

    While Nina Pham is the first non Liberian traveling patient to contract Ebola, I strongly feel the media is glamorizing this deadly disease using her as it's vessel to do so. Sadly the media takes hold of things like Ebola and turns them into a mass hysteria circus of sorts. They have no business glamorizing such a terrible disease.

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