Economist Elizabeth Warren: Do her economic goals advance the interests of the little people?

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  • Elizabeth Warren in on track to pin herself as a candidate!

    Elizabeth Warren has put herself front and center lately talking about the middle class ( little people ) and ways to fix the financial woes they face. Elizabeth Warren is a democrat with only democratic interests at heart. Her goals, while overzeaouls call for more spending and more attacks on the bigger businesses. This country has been there and done that, it doesn't work!

  • Who really knows

    Politicians can say whatever these days and I have a hard time believing them anymore. They can either word things so intricately they have a loophole no one can really find, or they just flat out lie. I guess time will tell if her goals are legit and if she really is interested in helping the "little people".

  • once a politician always a politician

    Whilst Elizabeth warren is a democrat and a progressive politician she is still part of an economic system that advances it's own goals at the expense of the little people. History has shown that whilst many progressive politicians have had the little peoples interests at heart, they still belong to a government that will sadly put it's own agenda first.

  • She is a socialist.

    When you first hear Elizabeth Warren speak, you think she cares about the little guy at first. She talks about how bad the credit card companies are and how terrible debt is. But if you really listen to her talk, you realize that she is a socialist, who wants top-down government control of business. That isn't helping the little people who depend on business for jobs.

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