Ecstasy closer to being approved for PTSD treatment: Should all illegal drugs be considered for medicinal purposes?

  • Yes but they need some research.

    Some countries treat some things with illegal drugs in America, such as heroine and marijuana. We should consider these to be medical. If we do pass the idea and get it in motion, we need to research these drugs in order to make sure they can actually be quite medical, and not cause some defects.

  • Yes, all illegal drugs should be considered for medicinal purposes.

    Yes, all illegal drugs should be considered for medicinal purposes. There is nothing about the legal status of a drug that makes in intrinsically harmful or safe for human consumption. Each drug should be assessed on its own merits and impartial researchers should determine if it has any useful value.

  • They shouldn't be shunned.

    Over the years there have been a number of medical breakthroughs concerning drugs that are classified as controlled substances. This includes ecstasy, medical marijuana, LSD and magic mushrooms. Dismissing the contributions that these drugs could have for people suffering from serious illnesses because of their current status in the law would be a grave disservice to their needs.

  • Yes, but with tight regulations.

    Nearly all the drugs that are considered illegal have a medicinal value in them that if well controlled can be used to used to treat other conditions, ecstacy is one of them. Marijuana is also another drug that doctors may start prescribing as a pain reliever because of THC in it.

  • There are no purposes.

    Drugs are illegal for a reason. There is no good thing that results from a person using those kinds of drugs. Ecstasy and other drugs have very serious side effects. They damage the user in other ways, besides the underlying condition that the person already has. Researchers need to find ways to treat problems without creating more problems.

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