Edgar Allen Poe found on the streets of Baltimore: Was Edgar Allen Poe one of America's best writers?

  • Yes he is

    I believe that Edgar Allen Poe was an amazing writer because even though he wasn't noticed until his death, he created many masterpieces that we know and love now. I think that Poe should have gotten more credit for his poems because even though he had a bunch of calamities in his life, he didn't deserve to be a broke, street-found author.

  • A True Genius

    He really was one of the greatest writers, not just in American history, but world history. "The Raven" is nothing shot of pure genius, along with "The Tell Tale Heart" and "The Cask of Amontilado". I find it a true tragedy that he barely received any recognition for his works in his life.

  • Yes, Edgar Allen Poe was a gifted writer unable to reap his own rewards.

    Edgar Allen Poe was an inspiring writer who currently affects the lives of many avid readers and students. To have come much of nothing and still have a great impact on the world and its perspectives is a great accomplishment in itself. The poems, essays, and articles written by Poe should serve as a reminder of aspiration of why we should continue to move forward and do what we believe in despite what is considered an obstacle. To lose a loved one is one of the biggest obstacles one must overcome. For Poe to continue to work through this ordeal serves as inspiration.

  • Yes, Poe was One of America's Best Writers

    Edgar Allen Poe was indeed one of America's best writers. His wide ranging body of work is still as popular today as it was when originally published. His themes and subjects are able to draw in new generations of readers to his genre and still entertain those who have read Poe extensively.

  • He was one of the greatest

    Edgar Allen Poe was one of the greatest writers of all time. His work had a darkness to it but he seems to have had a lot of demons, and writing was his way of excising them. He is able to transform his readers to the deep crevasses of the abyss when they embark on a literary journey with him. No one has been able to surpass his gift of the macabre.

  • Frequenly and Widely Read

    While some may consider Poe to be too dark in nature for their tastes, he is considered a classic author of poetry and prose within the horror genre. He was able to capture people's fears and use them to fill his audience with dread. Poe's most famous work, The Raven, is so well known that it is referenced from the conversation of high society to episodes of The Munsters.

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