Education vouchers: Are education vouchers good public policy?

  • Vouchers Give Parents Freedome to Choose

    Education vouchers mean parents can have better options regarding public or private schools. Although not perfect, vouchers can be applied towards private schooling for families that can't afford full tuition. Some vouchers can also be applied to homeschools rather than public schools. Vouchers should be part of an overall education strategy to improve the overall quality of life for kids in American schools.

  • Vouchers are Helpful

    As someone who has been to private school, I know how difficult it is to afford tuition for those schools and so if parents believe that sending their child to a private school is what's best for them then they should be allowed to have the money that they need.

  • The 'Skim Theory'

    While on paper vouchers look very good, when it is actually in practice the voucher system will take away the best students at the public schools. With all the best students that go to public schools given the chance to go to the private school then they will obviously take it, leaving the poor students left at public schools.

  • No, we don't need educationn vouchers.

    While in theory I think education vouchers might be a great thing and very fair, in practice I think they might take away from the quality of public education available and take money from it. The public education system needs to stay in place and we should not do anything to draw funds from it.

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