Education vouchers: Do student vouchers improve the quality of schools?

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  • Funding Should Go To Public Schools

    Rather than providing vouchers for lower income students to attend private schools, education funding should be used to improve the existing public school system. Diverting these funds which are meant to educate all children to help a few go to an exclusive school is unfair and reduces the quality of education for everyone. Particularly in a difficult economy, we do not have the resources to help only a few students, we need to do what is best for everyone with the limited funds available.

  • School vouchers have no significant impact on the quality of schools

    Although school vouchers are a way to increase funding to private schools, there is no solid data that supports vouchers improve the quality of schools. Rather, they are simply a way to filter more money into the school. The quality of the school, however, continues to rely upon the quality of the instruction and the efficacy of the curriculum. So it ultimately comes down to how voucher money is allotted.

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