Education vouchers: Do vouchers introduce beneficial choice to education?

  • Yes, vouchers do introduce beneficial choice.

    Often, it is not the student's fault that the family does not have the money to send them to their preferred schools. This isn't fair to said student, and we will never be able to see this person at their fullest potential. Vouchers help make it easier to send the students to the school of their choice, and it helps the student reach their maximum. We never know what that person will grow to become. They could potentially become the solution to many problems that we do not have the answer to. How will this person ever be able to shine and show his/her talents if they are tied down by the bonds of finance? These are beneficial decisions that the student couldn't have made if it weren't for the school voucher that has helped him/her throughout the years.

  • No, vouchers do not introduce beneficial choice.

    In my experience most people who use vouchers would have gone to a private school without the voucher. The voucher just allows a rich family to pay less for their private school. This is unacceptable. Vouchers take away from the students who have to remain at an under performing school. Fix the school, don't pay for the rich kids to leave.

  • No, it seems like vouchers do more harm than good.

    It sounds good to have a system of education vouchers where parents can choose where to send their youngsters. However, there is an inherent problem with them. That is because we need to be making our public schools better than some of them are and taking children out of them to go to private schools is going to adversely affect them.

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