Educational institutions should actively encourage their students to choose fields of study that will prepare them for lucrative careers.

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  • A school's job is to equip you for your personal goals

    To me, a school has no business encouraging children to make money. I believe kids should be taught how to manage money, and use it to their advantage, but how much money they need to live to their own standards in their own way is their own decision to make alone. School influence should go no further then showing how much it costs to live, go to school, raise a family, retire, etc... So the kids can choose their career paths with a balanced, and informed nature.

    Anything more then that is crossing the line. I've got no problem with schools showing the advantages of a greater cash flow in a financial management class, but they should not go so far as to say that your quality of life can be better with more money, when it is the individual that determines what quality is.

  • The availability of lucrative Job is not certain

    The continuous availability of these so called lucrative jobs or careers in particular fields of study is not certain. Changes in government policies and economic stability may reduce the presence of these jobs. For example, the effect of the economic recession in countries like Greece, and Portugal has been a lack of jobs, even high paying jobs. In addition, in the Nigerian banking sector, the apex bank implemented a recapitalization policy for banks, these lead to bankers taking pay-cuts and in other cases been let go. Thus, a banking sector once considered lucrative is now less benign.

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