Edward Snowden stops Trump conspiracy theory by showing how FBI can comb through emails quickly: Is there a conspiracy?

  • He's a retard!

    Edward Snowden is a Commie, and the Trump can never be wrong, can he? What's wrong with a wall?????? Hes a smart man who understands politics, Snowden is a commie faggot who lives in Russia w/ the rest of them, he is such a disgrace to humanity, God should smite him.

  • The government plans lots of things.

    There are many government conspiracies. People who run the government decide what they think is best for us, such as what they tell us about the environment, or when they try to kill dictators. The FBI had their minds made up about Clinton before they even started the investigation. It was all a show and the voters know it.

  • There is no conspiracy

    The FBI has come out and said there is no evidence of felony activity in any of Hillary's emails. The FBI has said there is no conspiracy. The FBI who has been pushing the conspiracy idea from the start has come out and said there is no conspiracy. This debate should be over.

  • No, there is not.

    Edward Snowden is kind of a genious. Also the FBI really can comb through e-mails very quickly. They have very fast supercomputers and they can do a simple search for keywords. They also have the manpower to do a job quickly when they need to allocate the resources to it.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    All Snowden did was answer a question about how long it would potentially take to FIND the messages. He didn't address anything about sifting through actual relevant content that may have been found. This article makes it sound like Snowden is against Trump (which he'd have every right to be), when he never actually said or implied that. He simply asked a question and gave no info on who he does or doesn't support.

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