Edward Snowden's leave to remain in Russia extended for three years. Should Snowden apply for Russian citizenship?

  • Yes, he should apply for Russian citizenship.

    Edward Snowden is not coming back to the United States. It is unlikely that many countries would agree to accept Snowden either. Therefore, Snowden should apply for Russian citizenship so that he can remain in the country the rest of his life. Russia has been kind to Snowden and its probably the best life he could have anywhere.

  • Yes, he should apply for Russian citizenship.

    He probably would not receive a very warm welcome back home, so if becoming a Russian citizen can help him move on and be productive, it is not a bad idea. Hopefully, Snowden will choose to do something more positive than get caught up in espionage in his future endeavors.

  • He is stuck there.

    Snowden doesn't have a lot of other options. The United States doesn't want him back and there are a lot of other countries that won't accept him. If he's safe in Russia that's probably where he should stay. Russia seems to be putting up with him so he should just finish out his life there.

  • No, not any better.

    It's not as if other countries do not follow similar policies more or less that Snowden disagreed with and acted against. He would be better off remaining a guest in other countries. Perhaps America will drop the charges eventually and if he should wish to return, return. Or if not, enjoy travel.

  • Snowden should return to the U.S.

    Snowden is an American citizen, and should return to his country. Yes - this will mean that he will be imprisoned, as he should be. Snowden's revelations, because they were not carefully considered prior to being published, cost this country an immense amount of political capital, expense due to failed operations in flight, and even American lives.

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