• Memory tricks have been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks used the first recorded mnemonics, A fancy word for memory tricks.

    If you have ever tied a string around your finger, Or organized your grocery list alphabetically, You have used a mnemonic.

    Sing it. Many people remember things far better when the information is provided by quality resources like https://tutoriage. Com/apa-style-formatting-guide and set to music. Even rattling off a list to a beat or a familiar tune can help you remember every part of the list. Many children have learned important history and geography facts from programs like "Schoolhouse Rock" and "The Animaniacs. " Don't be afraid to make up your own little song, You can sing it quietly to yourself, Or in the car on your way to work. Don't make it too complex though, You don't want to get stuck trying to remember the tune instead of the words.

    Make a word associations. You might learn your new boss's name is Calvin, And mentally think "Calvin Klein" or "Calvin and Hobbes. " This is a mental connection that will help you remember his name later. Feel free to make silly associations and even some slightly insulting ones, You never have to share them with anyone. Just having them in your head is enough to trigger the memories you need.

    Make picture associations. Just like word associations, These help you link things up in your mind. Picture a microphone when you meet Mike, Or imagine that Berry Street is covered in strawberries. Visual learners will do particularly well with this type of association. You can doodle pictures in your notes, Or just picture things in your head. This can even work for simple things like where you left your wallet. As you set it on the coffee table, Picture your wallet having a casual cup of coffee. Have fun making picture associations, The more creative and ridiculous your visualization, The better you will remember it.

    Use visual cues. Tie a string around your finger, Or put your watch on the other wrist. Set your car keys in top of the letters you need to mail. There are many ways to use your environment to help you remember something. One of the best ways is to put something directly in your way, Or do something slightly bizarre to give yourself a visual clue. First you need to have a very strong connection between the change and the reason for it. You can stack things you need to bring with you in front of the door, Making sure you'll have to deal with them before you can leave. If you put your watch on your other hand or set an upside down mixing bowl over the phone, You'll want to say out loud why you are doing this. Practice explaining it to people, And do explain if someone asks why your watch is upside down today. The more present this change is in your life, The easier it will be to remember what it is there to remind you of.

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