Egg freezing to extend fertility: Should women freeze their eggs to extend their fertility?

  • If they would like to.

    Men have an extended time period to be fathers and it is virtually their whole lives. Who could blame a woman for wanting to have children later in their lives too. If they have the money and can find a donor to carry the baby, then it is their decision.

  • No problem with freezing eggs.

    There is nothing wrong with a woman choosing to freeze her eggs. Women are choosing to work on their careers, getting married later in life, or not getting married at all. Waiting to start a family is risky when it comes to a woman's fertility. The odds of being able to bear a child go down dramatically with age. Freezing eggs as a precaution is a smart precautionary move.

  • More likely no than yes

    Basically we are free to do everything with our body within reason but some things shouldn't be done because of tricky consequences. I understand the reason for freezing embryos but this should be deliberately considered. It was scientifically proved that women conceived via IVF has more vulnerable children than those who did this naturally. Think twice before freezing your genetic material.

  • No, it's better to use only fresh eggs, and don't waste the time

    No, it is a bad idea. There are some risks, though infrequent, of undergoing oocyte cryopreservation (e.G., pelvic and abdominal pain; injury to the bladder, bowels, or blood vessels; pelvic infection; damage to the ovaries; and ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome).
    Perhaps the greatest risk, however, is for a woman to be given false hope that leads her to put off childbearing.
    Discovering later that none of her frozen eggs produced a baby when she returned to use them may mean that she missed her reproductive window of opportunity to become pregnant with her own eggs.

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