Eggcorns: Should dictionaries continue to include new, made-up words in their latest editions?

  • Language always changes over time

    Language changes with every generation because the lifestyle of people becomes different from one century to the other. Consequently, it would unfair to call the language of one generation "right" and use only their words and not to include the new words of younger generation. New isn't always bad, it makes our life more interesting and fullfilled.

  • Languages naturally evolve

    Languages naturally change over time with new words being used while others fall out of use. To say words coming into use now are not real is as silly as saying that we should speak old English or proto-German because our language now is made up. For example a few hundred years ago words like craftsmanship were thought not to be real words and people pushed for them not to be used to preserve the English language.

  • Yes, dictionaries should continue to include new, made-up words in their latest editions.

    Yes, dictionaries should continue to include new, made-up words in their latest editions because that is the beauty of creativity. Shakespeare constantly made up new words, so why should that trend stop with him? Some of the words that are made up might seem silly now but will mean more in the future.

  • Yes, they should include new words.

    In order to keep up with an evolving English language, dictionaries should include new words. If a new word is being used by people, it should be included in dictionaries as a reference. Just because a word might be newer, it doesn't mean that the word is less valuable than older words.

  • Defining made-up word

    I don't think the should be classified as made up words as they are words that have become prominent in popular culture and used widely by the population thus effectively making it a word in the language. If this was not the case it adds a limitation to the language in which words to describe new specific circumstances would be reused.

  • No, we should stick to old words and proper English.

    Dictionaries should not include new, made-up words in their latest editions. I am sure there words in the dictionary that can still be used in place of the so called new words. Allowing the inclusion of these words is lowering the dignity and pride bestowed on the English language. Let English remain English.

  • No, they shouldn't

    No, it is becoming a bit irresponsible to invent new words on daily basis. We are losing the grip with the basic language rules and words. We should use the old words, those already present in the dictionaries and the ones which everyone knows. If a group of people invents a new word, they should use it among themselves and not include it in the dictionaries.

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