Egypt slides into dictatorship: Was the Arab spring a good thing for Egypt?

  • They at least tried to start something better

    While the end result of the Arab spring may not have been the best for Egypt, it was still a good and beneficial thing for the country. While thy slid from dictatorship to dictatorship they showed that they are not going to stand idly by forever, and, at the very least, tried for a greater tomorrow.

  • No I do not think it was a good thing

    I definitely do not believe that any time a Dictatorship is happening that it is a good thing for any Country. I think it creates more problems and can lead to people getting treated unfair and takes a lot of the rights away from the people. I think all people should have the right to vote on a leader and that no one should be given that sort of power.

  • The Arab Spring was not a good thing for Egypt

    I remember that during the uprising known as the "Arab Spring", how the reporters and politicians gushed over what they thought was an exciting emergence of democracy in a part of the world ruled by dictators. In my opinion, expecting a country like Egypt to grow a Jeffersonian Democracy in a matter of months is naive and unrealistic. The Arab Spring only served to overthrow one tyrant and pave the way for many more to take over the country. Since the Arab Spring there has been nothing but conflict between thinly disguised Islamic extremists, the army, and dozens of other factions, each more interested in imposing their own way on the country than they are in modeling a nation after the concepts of 18th century enlightenment.

  • Worse off than before

    No, the Arab spring was not a good thing for Egypt, because Egypt is more radical and less tolerant than they were before. The Arab spring made Egypt slide into dictatorship. Christians are not persecuted whereas they were left alone before. There is a great deal of civil unrest in the country that was not present before.

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