Egyptian suicide bomber: Should laws be passed to create checkpoints for large vehicles traveling in sensitive areas?

  • Yes, laws should be created

    Yes, in today's day and age terrorist attacks are more prevalent than ever. It is essential for the safety of Egyptian citizens to create checkpoints in sensitive areas, especially for large vehicles. It is the duty of the government to keep their people safe. Simple precautions like check points is a small but important step to do just that.

  • There are too many problems.

    For the families, watching a loved one die in a terrorist attack is unthinkable. If there can be check points that are set up in the most vulnerable areas, maybe this would save some lives. Today, society knows a great deal about security. It would be worth it to the potential victims to have their lives protected.

  • Sensitive areas should all have checkpoints; checks of large vehicles must be automatic.

    Ideally, manpower allowing, all vehicles travelling to (or from) sensitive areas should and must be checked, particularly when that sensitive area could be considered a target for any type of attack, whether an assault to breach the premises or a suicide bombing to inflict casualties and bring attention to a cause.

  • Checkpoints in certain areas for large vehicles would likely save lives

    Large vehicles are much more likely than small ones to be used as weapons by terrorists, so it makes sense to create large vehicle checkpoints in areas prone to this type of violence. Creating a checkpoint based on vehicle size would be an intelligent way to reduce this violence, but it would be important to have every vehicle over a predetermined size or weight stopped to avoid profiling drivers.

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