Egyptian Zoo Neglect leads to Cannibalism: Should Egypt officials force closure on all zoos?

  • Yes, force zoos closure !

    I think Egypt should close the zoos. I believe it is cruel to have animals removed from their natural habitat and kept locked up, just for the pleasure of humans to look at them. Not to mention the obvious psychological effect being locked in an enclosure has on animals. Then, should a situation arise where animals break out from the enclosure and attack a human, the blame is levelled at the animal for just being or doing what is instinctive to it.

  • Yes, Egyptian Zoos should be held accountable for neglect with forced closure.

    It is my belief that if zoos cannot maintain adequate conditions for their animals to live comfortably, they should not be allowed to operate. Zoos should be regularly monitored with strict codes of conduct for the animals' best interests. In the case of this Egyptian Zoo's neglect, a baboon's feet were cannibalized by fellow baboons that were suffering from starvation. Such conditions should not be allowed to thrive. It is cruel for the helpless animals that are forced to suffer the consequences.

  • Closing all zoos accomplish nothing

    Closing all zoos due to one bad apple is not the answer, instead there should be better regulation of these institutions. Animals that have already been captured should be allowed to live out their lives in peace and harmony. Their environments should be safe and clean or we've missed the whole point of obtaining them. What's the point of having zoos if the animals are killed and tortured like in the wild? We can and must do better for them.

  • Get the situation under control

    Egyptian Zoo's neglect and lack of proper management and care, forced the situation of cannibalism. A widespread overhaul of all authoritative figures in the industry should occur and regain the proper care for all zoo animals and employees. To allow zoo's to close would be a loss for those who not only visit, but use for educational purposes and to also help save animals that would suffer outside of the zoo.

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