Eighty years after the birth of Elvis, does his legacy still affect music today?

  • Yes, I think Elvis's legacy still affects music today

    Eighty years after Elvis Presley's birth, I believe that his existence and legacy still affects music to this very day. One reason I think this is because his music is still being played on radio stations, even after his death many years ago. Also Elvis is known as the greatest in his genre of music, so that being said, I'm very sure that people will still use his music as motivation to get better at their own.

  • Elvis' legacy still affects music today

    Even after 80 years after his birth, Elvis still affects today's music. He was considered to be the king of rock and roll and artists today are emulating him with their dance styles, as well as guitar playing and sheer stage presence. He was an icon that artists are still trying to strive to become.

  • Yes, it will forever affect

    I feel that Elvis was such a Pioneer and continues to be such a idol for so many people. He still has tons of fans who really adore him and visit Graceland etc and that it will always continue. I think that he is a icon and will continue to be one for a very long time. He is known as the King and don't think anyone will ever compare to that.

  • No, Elvis is dead

    Elvis was a musician who was right for his time. His legacy lives on in those who grew up with him. His legacy has no meaning to those who will have grown up listening to Kurt Cobain or Amy Winehouse. A different generation may see Jim Morrison`s legacy as having a greater affect on music than Elvis. Elvis was the first superstar of music, but not the only one or last one.

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