El Pollo Loco: Would people really eat at a restaurant based on one run by a meth dealer?

  • Yes, I believe they will.

    I have eaten at a few of these locations and they offer great food at a great price. I don't see why anyone would avoid eating at this restaurant no matter what the history. Especially since it's a change I think it's far removed from whatever past it may have had.

  • People will eat at any restaurant that has good food.

    When people choose where to eat, they choose a place that has good food and an atmosphere that they feel comfortable in. Most people wouldn't care if the restaurant was run by a meth dealer. I personally wouldn't eat at it, but there are many people who would as long as the owner does not interfere with their food or service.

  • Yes, people would really eat at such a restaurant.

    If anything, the restaurant's name is inspired by one from the TV series Breaking Bad and at most, it only throws a spotlight and makes it famous. It is my opinion that people will eat at a restaurant if the food served there is great and the service is adequate regardless of the name.

  • This question is confusing

    If the question is would people really not eat at the restaurant, I disagree. Yes, there may be less costumers for a while, but eventually people will forget about it and come back to the restaurant. Since the man is in custody there may not be any slowing of customers at all.

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