El Salvador goes a day without a murder for the first time in years: Is this country too violent?

  • El; Salvador is typical of Central America unfortunately.

    Drugs, poverty and lack of social order have made Central America one of the deadliest areas in the world, and a country like El Salvador sees far too much murder for such a small nation. While a day without murder may seem like it should be commonplace, the fact that it gained such attention demonstrates that there is far too much violence in El Salvador and other Central American countries.

  • It's been violent for ages.

    I don't know who exactly deserves the credit, but the people of El Salvador must be relieved for having a day without murder. It sounds incredible, but a mixture of factors have contributed to the violence in that country and everyone needs to start working together to make it a safer place.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Between January and May last year, the El Salvador government recorded 2,555 violent deaths, of which a handful were suicides and road traffic deaths. Of these, around 90 per cent were men, and in 80 per cent of cases the cause of death was shooting. The majority of the violence is perpetrated by criminal gangs, or "maras", which have an estimated 70,000 active members across El Salvador. Many of the groups formed in LA during the 1980s, and returned to their homeland after the conclusion of the country’s civil war.

  • Yes, there's too much violence there.

    Yes, the violence in El Salvador is disturbingly high. In part this is due to the Reagan-era meddling in this region. Our U.S. military was in the region at that time, training people in very violent ways in order to overthrow the dictators in Central America. Generations later, this taught violence continues. It needs to stop.

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