El Salvador goes a day without a murder in years: Is El Salvador too violent?

  • Yes, El Salvador is too violent.

    El Salvador is too violent if its considered a good thing that it went a day without murder in years. The constant murdering and violence has made El Salvador an awful place to live - very poor quality of life - very little faith in public safety. El Salvador should work harder to reduce murder and violent crimes.

  • Yes, any murder is too violent.

    Central America is too violent in general. Killings and casualties of war, while still sad, are a totally different beast than having citizens MURDER one another for their own personal gain. It is a symptom of low quality of life, poverty, lack of order, and virtually zero establishment of any kind of good and faithful institutions. I imagine it would be quite difficult to watch one's own country destroy itself from the inside out.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Between January and May last year, the El Salvador government recorded 2,555 violent deaths, of which a handful were suicides and road traffic deaths. Of these, around 90 per cent were men, and in 80 per cent of cases the cause of death was shooting. The majority of the violence is perpetrated by criminal gangs, or "maras", which have an estimated 70,000 active members across El Salvador. Many of the groups formed in LA during the 1980s, and returned to their homeland after the conclusion of the country’s civil war.

  • No, El Salvador is not too violent when compared to the world at-large.

    El Salvador had an average of 14.4 murders per day last year, however, that alone does not correlate to being considered as too violent. When you consider the violence which occurs across the world every day, any violence is too much. Although 14.4 daily murders is an astounding number in the Central American region, as a world culture of violence and hate, even one murder should be considered as too violent. Murder has unfortunately become part of living for all societies, regardless of culture, and it is only a reflection of our complacency of the violence that going one day without it, is something to be noticed as not normal.

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