• Trump won fair and sqare

    Everyone mad about the election needs to grow and realize that trump won. It doesn't matter that he didn't win the popular vote that's not what decides the president if it were like that then the small states would not have a voice and presidential candidates would only have to campaign in california and new york and other heavily populated city states which would not be representative of all of america. Also this hacker theory is bullcrap hackers have no incentive to help trump if anything they would want to hack the election to support hillary clinton because she wouldn't bother russia or china who are the prime suspects and it was completely justified for FBI Comey to reopen the case against hillary because his job is to make sure that criminals go behind bars and he saw that there may have been a mistake in the investigation so he did his job and reopened the case. Get over it we aren't going to have a socialist president like hillary clinton america spoke and they chose Trump. Also the voter recount is being pushed by green party candidate Jill Stein not even the democratic party or their candidate Hillary Clinton because she knows that she rightfully lost but the third party candidates are whining that they didn't win and because they got 4% of the vote with all of them combined. So sit down shut up The election is over and if you don't like it you can move away.

  • He played fair and sqaure.

    Trump focused many of the last days of the campaign in the Midwest. He knew the Midwest was going to be important to the outcome of the election. The reason we have the electoral college is so that the candidates don't ignore the small places and only focus on cities. Trump played by the rules and won.

  • Yes, he fairly won the election.

    Yes, Donald Trump fairly won the election because he won more than 270 electoral votes. He didn't break any rules to win the election. He used the system and he won the election fair and square. He actually won less votes than Hillary Clinton, but he used our electoral system and won the election.

  • The Majority Has Spoken -- Against Trump

    While Trump may have fairly earned the necessary Electoral College votes he needed to be the president-elect, he did not earn the majority of the votes from the people of the United States. Ignoring the fact that he is grossly unqualified for the position, he simply was not the choice of the majority of voters. This election should be a clear sign that it's time to end the Electoral College and let the majority rule.

  • I hope so

    I'm not really sure, since I think there was some undue interference from Comey and hackers which tipped Trump over the edge. Even though he had a larger number of electoral votes, if you look at the popular vote, Clinton won. Many people who might have voted for her, but were undecided were hesitant after the latest email news broke, and there was nothing there. Note that Trump's campaign kept repeating she was getting indicted, which was not true. So in that sense, there was some fixing going on.

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