Electoral college: Should the Electors vote for some one other than Trump?

  • Hell to the yes

    Trump is already as disaster. Look at his cabinet and transition picks. He's refusing national security briefings and spending a lot of time working on his business deals. Even if the electors don't pick Clinton, they should pick anyone else who actually intends to do the work of being President and not work on polishing his ego, spewing craziness on Twitter and lining his pockets.

  • I think the Electors should vote for someone other than Trump.

    With Trump not having won the popular vote and the Electors in question, there should be a recount in key swing states and the Electors should consider voting for someone other than Trump. He is clearly not as popular as the votes indicate and the disparity in votes puts his winning in question.

  • They are bound to elect the person the people decided on.

    In some states it is illegal for the electors to vote against the people's choice. The electoral college has been created for a reason. To make the elections fair. If it was by the popular vote only the people in the big cities would have more say about who gets elected. It wouldn't be fair to the rest of the country. People would also be moving to the cities in order to make their voices heard so the demographics might change if this happened.

  • He won the election.

    Even though it was close, Trump is the will of the people. It is not fair for people to impose their own judgment instead of the will of the voters. These people just think that they are smarter and more important than everyone else. The Electors should follow the oaths that they took to vote for the winners.

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