Electors Ask for More Information: Will the electoral college vote for Clinton?

  • Electoral college likely to vote for Clinton.

    Considering the upset following Trump's election win, it is likely that another vote would result in a win for Clinton. That is not to say it is the right thing to do or that it should happen, because Trump won fairly and as a result of a democracy at work. But should there be an additional vote, it is likely Clinton would win as there has been so much upset and outrage from U.S. citizens and the world in general.

  • There are not enough.

    It would take a huge feat and many changed opinions in order to have the electoral college vote for Clinton. If this were going to happen, there would be enough chatter that we would know that it was going to happen. Many of the electors are bound by their state votes, in any event.

  • No, they will not.

    The electoral college has never changed the vote from the expected outcome in the history of the electoral college and it is hard to believe that they will do so this year, despite the fact that this election is very differnt from any other presidential election in the history of the US.

  • Not enough votes

    I don't think that the electoral college will have enough electors willing to abandon their votes for Trump and instead place them for Clinton.I do think there are going to be a handful of electors that will refuse to vote for Trump, but I also think that they could very well just vote a different republican instead. I highly doubt Clinton will get any extra votes.

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