Electors demand intelligence briefing before Electoral College vote: Would Trump have won without Russia's help?

  • Yes, the people have spoken.

    As a nation, we need to accept the results of the election and move on. So many conspiracy theories about the Russians and hacking, but they are likely just that - theories. Until there is definitive proof, the people have spoken, the silent majority has come forward, and Trump is the winner - with or without Russia's help.

  • No clear evidence Trump victory was due to Russia involvment

    Currently, there are just rumors that Russian hacking helped Donald Trump win the presidential election. It is not possible to know the truth without a bipartisan investigation. Most of the people claiming Russia helped Donald Trump win the election are just political opponents who really do not care what the truth of the matter is.

  • Russia didn't help Trump

    The media spin in this Russia tampering with the election story has been ridiculous. There's no evidence that Russia did anything at all, but now how have government officials insinuating increasingly wild stories about "interfering" with the election. At this point, "interfering" is running news stories. How can CNN and MSNBC complain about what they do every day?

  • No, I`m not sure about that.

    It's not that they changed votes (they probably didn't), it's that they used cyber-attacks to infiltrate the candidates' campaigns and selectively leak information to drive public opinion towards their preferential outcome (i.e. a Trump administration). It's not the votes that are in dispute here, it's the notion of Russia successfully waging psychological warfare to challenge US hegemony. I'm not a political scientist so I don't really know the implications of a stronger Russia in today's global political climate, but given its volatility I assume that it can't be too least from a Western perspective.

  • Trump couldn't have won without Russia's help.

    Our very own President said himself that Russia hacked into our own US election to influence it in Trumps favor plus there is proof that the DNC but not the RNC was not hacked. Trump himself said himself that someone should hack the DNC to find missing emails from Hillary Clinton's private email server case. How your going to find emails from a private server on a DNC server baffles me.

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