Electric cars were originally introduced in the 1800's: Will those being produced now succeed?

  • At least that's what I'm hoping

    I think the electric cars that are being produced today are much better than the first ones that came out or even the ones produced in the last decade. I feel that they will get even better and won't need to be charged up as often. I think electric cars, or at least hybrid cars, will be the majority type of cars on the road in the future.

  • Clunky technology will give way to popular innovations

    Many people may be wary of trusting an electric car (limited trip distance, slow acceleration, etc.) with the day-to-day and long-distance needs that their gas-powered car now provides because current electric car technology is in its awkward adolescence. Soon enough, electric cars will be able to boast all of the ability and convenience of a gas-powered car but with a smaller environmental impact. The process of electric car acceptance can be sped up by making electric car subsidies, tax refunds, etc. available to producers and consumers to make the purchase and use of electric cars more widespread.

  • Yes electric cars will succeed.

    Electric cars already are successful in Europe. There are charging stations all over Amsterdam. Considering how close everything is, how small the roads are, and the price of gasoline in Europe, yes, electric cars are booming there. I think that they will succeed quite well in the cities of the U.S., but not for long distance travel on interstates.

  • In time, electric cars will become the norm

    As technology continues to advance, electric cars will perform better and become more reliable. For some consumer segments, the environmental implications of driving without carbon exhaust will be more than enough for them to forsake gas powered cars. City dwellers may also find these vehicles beneficial as recharging will become easier in populated areas. Other consumer segments value engine power and reliability, and will remain wedded to gas powered vehicles. Overall, electric cars will succeed. Google is investing heavily in research on this and it is a fact that Google does not often make bad bets.

  • Not ecconomical to buy

    Electric cars are not practical. Why spend double of triple when there are 40mpg cars that cost a fraction of the price. Cars are getting better gas milleage every year. We could very well see cars getting 60mpg and not even being hybrid just regular gas powered cars. I think either hydrogen or ethanol will replace gasoline

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