Electric vehicle mandates: Should governments mandate the production of electric vehicles?

  • Yes, this should happen.

    Electric vehicles can save you thousands of dollars that you would have spent on gas. You will also receive a tax deduction on your income when you have an electric car. By using an electric vehicle, you can help our economy by reducing our reliance on oil imported from foreign countries. If they are massed produced, we can help the environment and ourselves.

  • Yes they should.

    I don't typically believe in government mandates, however this is an important issue. I think that governments should mandate the production of electric vehicles. If more vehicles were accessible to the general public, as well as facilities to recharge the vehicle, then I think more people would purchase an electric vehicle.

  • No Government Mandate For Electric Vehicles

    While there are many good reasons to buy an electric vehicle, I do not think that the government should mandate that all vehicles produced should be electric. For one thing, a lot of people cannot afford an electric vehicle. I think suggesting that people consider an electric vehicle is okay and giving incentives to buy one is even better, but mandating it crosses the line a bit.

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