Electric vehicles: Are electric cars a better alternative to hybrids?

  • Yes, it is.

    Electirc vehicles is better than a hybrid because it does not need to use gas at all and allows the car to use even less fossil fuels helping to create a better living environment. However, electric cars are typically smaller and more compact making them dangerous if they crash, they need to get upgraded.

  • No hybrids and electric cars are not the answer

    I don't think that either of the two cars are good for the environment because for hybrids and electric cars you have hazardous gases being let off when the batteries are decomposing in a landfill. So I think we all should look up good ways to save fuel in a regular car and never buy a hybrid or an electric car ever.

  • Hybrid Vehicles are Better than Electric Vehicles

    Electric cars are not better than hybrid vehicles because hybrids are better for the environment. Hybrids use less gas than electric cars do. Electric cars need power to be used so natural gases and fossil fuels are used. Hybrid vehicles do not. Additionally, electric cars use up a lot of carbon and hybrids do not.

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