Electric vehicles: Should electric cars be a priority in plans to fight global warming?

  • Polution would help globel warming

    Yes I believe that electric cars should be in the plans to fight global warming because it would decrease carbon emission. Having electric cars on the road will make a big difference. Carbon emission seems to have lots more effect on our lives then just a global warming. Electric vehicles would eliminate pollution.

  • Yes, and also to perpetuate our society

    Electric cars should be a priority for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the pollution from car exhaust would decrease with electric cars, therefore reducing the effects of global warming. Also, there is not an infinite supply of the oil that produces gasoline. When those run out, something will need to replace it in order for our society to continue functioning the way it does.

  • They are still producing carbon in some form

    While electric cars do not directly emit carbon, contributing to the problem of pollution, have you considered how electric cars get their electricity and how they really work? Most electric cars on the market rely on batteries and batteries require electricity to, well, function. But how is said electricity being produced? Through factories and the industrial industry. The problem of exhaust pollution may be offset by the carbon used to produce the electricity needed to power the cars. The problem of global warming is not being fought by electric cars, they will only contribute to the problem.

  • There are other things of greater importance that switching to electric cars.

    Say for example the amount of pollution it takes to make a burger. It should be of more priority to switch everyone to a vegetarian diet than to switch eveyone to electric cars. You're wasting time and effort if you're focusing on cars when there are more pressing problems. Sometimes electric cars do more harm, especially if electricity is generating by things like coal plants in your area.

  • Car exhaust is pure STEAM

    Cars are 99% cleaner than in 1970. All due to the catalytic converter. Also, the smell of exhaust is absolutely EROTIC and sensational. Electric cars are for children and toddlers. You can breathe exhaust all night and not die. Global warming is caused by HAARP and chemtrails, dimwits. Use your heads. And stop trying to make the earth clean as a whistle when overpopulation is the problem.

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