Electronic books are better than conventional books.

Asked by: steven0806
  • About the same

    Everyone's always like, "I like paper books" or "I can't read electronic books". I really don't care, a book is a book. You can customize fonts and buy books instantly on tablets so usually I read via that. But honestly, what you read on doesn't matter, the book is the same.

  • Of course they are!

    Just think about it. Less resources spent, less weight, more portability. They are delivered almost instantaneously, you can read them everywhere, sometimes they are sold away with bonuses, and the most important IMO: fonts can be resized, so a person with faulty vision can have a chance of reading them!

  • I prefer for electronic book.

    Because many of time when i wan find my chapter query its really hard to find out in 5 or 6 register. Instead of when i use my notepad is really is to search whatever i wan find. Even electronic book provide us long life data according with conventional book. Also when we use electronic book however we save environment.

  • Hello...... Bibliophile HERE!

    Walking in to a room that is floor to ceiling in books just make my jaw drop. The smell of old books is refreshing. Why give up the satisfaction in turning the last page in the book to put back on the self and read again. Keep the love of BOOKS!!

  • I prefer to have the physical book

    I prefer to hold the physical hard thing in my hand. For one, I don't have to charge it, it is always available to be read for as long as I desire to read it. Also, I have a bookshelf that I put books on that I have read fully cover to cover. I like to see first hand how my knowledge is growing overtime from reading all those books.

  • Not even close

    1) go find the oldest book near you, i want you to flip through the pages really fast and sniff that old book smell. Take a big whiff of it.
    That is real, its special.

    2) turning a page is much more satisfying than swiping.

    3) books batteries do not die

    4) You can buy a really cool bookmark and you dont have to turn anything on to go back to your spot.

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