Electronic Goal Scoring at the World Cup: Will electronic scoring make officiating better at the World Cup?

  • Electronic scoring makes officiating easier

    Using electronic scoring systems is bound to make officiating easier and therefore better at the World Cup. Referees will be able to spend more time watching the players throughout the game rather than worrying about scoring and the electronic system will make it easier to spot fouls and tricky to spot goals.

  • What people can't do.

    Yes, electronic scoring will make officiating better at the world cup, because the machines will have better eyes than the people will. Electronic officiating and replays have made a big difference in the NFL. This will lead to a more fair world cup. It will not be human error that determines the winner.

  • Yes, electronic scoring is long overdue.

    Yes, electronic scoring will make officiating better at the World Cup. Unlike other sports such as rugby and tennis, soccer has always seemed to operate under the assumption that the match officials always make the right call, when that assumption has been proven wrong time and time again. Incidents like the disallowed goal in the England-USA match at the last World Cup can have serious psychological effects that affect players' performance, so FIFA and every other soccer association should be doing everything in their power to improve the accuracy of their officials' decisions.

  • If done correctly.

    If they handle it right they should use it. It should have some oversight of course, but I don't see a problem with it. Technology is getting better every day so I have no doubt that this could work if the fans will let it happen, but I have a feeling that the fans are going to throw a fit the first time it makes a mistake becasue of human error.

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